Potty Training Pants ​
Potty Training Under 2 Weeks!
Tynkle Tykes were designed to assist your toddler in their potty training efforts.  Don't let the potty training game get to you - get Tynkle Tykes instead and see how easy it can really be.
Hi, I'm Lauren.  As a first time mom, potty training my two year old son was proving to be a challenge. His pull-ups felt like a diaper and he showed no interest In using the potty. Leaving the house was hard having to make sure I had enough change of clothes for each accident.  After numerous accidents, I decided to try something different.

I am excited to introduce a new innovative method with amazing results.
  • Potty training in two weeks
  • No leaks onto clothing- using the disposable pad in the built in lining helps to prevent any accidents which may occur.
  • Huge savings- diapers and pull-ups are costly and the reusable underwear with the built in lining is machine washable and latex free.


What makes Tynkle Tykes potty training underwear different than regular pull ups is the "feel" of real underwear - because that is exactly what it is.  It is real underwear with a patent pending lining that is sewn into the underwear.  You can use one of the Tynkle Tykes resuable pads or purchase maxi pads from your local store to use.  ​
This allows your little one to wear "big boy" or "big girl" underwear sooner thus speeding up the potty training process.  All of the Tynkle Tykes underwear comes with a complimentary disposable pad.  We do have the reusable pads for purchase.
  1. Extra Protection
    Extra Protection
    The pad is thin enough to slide down the lining to give extra protection.
  2. Built in Lining
    Built in Lining
    Each pair of underwear has a built in lining to slip a disposable pad inside to help with any accidents.
  3. Tween Pads
    Tween Pads
    Kotex Tween Pads (or similar) are the perfect size to fit inside Tynkle Tykes training pants.
  4. Reusable Pads
    Reusable Pads
    The lining is also designed to fit one of our reusable pads.